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Offering Specific Description Towards Projects and Reasons of How Nominated Company Has Met the Award Criteria:

Awards for Solar Manufacturers 2024

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Specific contents guide:

Regarding some specific Award aims for innovative technologies used in project or still in development, therefore emphasising innovative parts in your entry materials is essential in order to help judges understand well:
- Developing for innovative projects/technologies
- General description of innovation
- Innovative projects/technologies did implemented
- The periodical / final outcome with customer feedback
- Environmentally friendly way of production

Additional support material Needed

1. Most of awards may need electrical materials including case's marketing sources, photographs or videos which can be used to help judges have better understanding towards the case that you are working on.

2. 5 - 6 oustanding projects general descriptions would be the maximum needed from your information.

3. Please submit your company logo file of high resolution which will be used to illustrates your entry.

4. Please send email enclosed 1&3 materials mentioned above to


※ Projects should related to thirty-month period from 2020-2024.

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