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€165M for renewable hydrogen production plant in As Pontes

Alfonso Rueda, president of the Xunta de Galicia, has announced that Reganosa and EDP Renovables intend to build a ground-breaking renewable hydrogen production plant in As Pontes de Garca Rodrguez.

The project could cost up to 165 million euros, and it will result in the creation of 210 jobs during construction and an additional 100 jobs after each initiation, split equally between direct and induced jobs.

Thanking both businesses for their dedication to Galicia and our industry, Rueda promised that this would be the community’s first effort and that the Xunta would be involved in a Strategic Industrial Project (PIE) to help it come to fruition. Additionally, the facility, which can be expanded from its original installed capacity of 20 MW to 100 MW, will be able to create 14,400 tons of hydrogen and cut 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

This unique number suggests a number of benefits, including processing priority, halving typical procedure timeframes, and expediting the whole urban planning and construction authorization process while retaining all technical, legal, and environmental assurances. “The Xunta, of course, will give them it,” he guaranteed. “We feel that a commitment of this significance must have the utmost backing from the Administrations.


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