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70 renewable projects for 1.8 GW were presented in the Valencian Community in 2023: almost all approved

According to a report from Energía Estratégica España, throughout 2023, 70 renewable project files were reviewed in the Valencian Community, for 1,806.79 MW of capacity.

According to these data, shared on the website of the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana, 1,652.95 MW received a positive assessment, distributed across 57 renewable installations.

Meanwhile, the remaining 13 projects obtained a negative response from the Valencian administration, for a renewable power of 153.84 MW.

It should be remembered that the local environmental processing consists of three phases: The formulation of the Environmental Impact Statement (DIA); the granting of Prior Administrative Authorization (AAP); and finally, the Administrative Construction Authorization (AAC).

Most of these installations are photovoltaic technology, with 68 of the 70 files for 1,758.49 MW. The remaining two projects are wind projects, with a capacity of 48.3 MW.

Likewise, it should be noted that among the facilities with a positive assessment, some 28 projects obtained a positive EIA, for 1,253.35 MW of capacity.

And on the other hand, 29 of these files obtained their APP and AAC, all in the same publication of the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana, for a power of 399,604 MW.

Among the main development companies that appear within this list, it is worth highlighting Iberdrola. The energy company received the AAP and AAC for the “Alhorines” photovoltaic installation, with 42.5 MW of power.

Likewise, the Grenergy company appears with four installations, also photovoltaic, that accumulate 158.34 MW of capacity. These files received their AAP and AAC during 2023.

For its part, the Cobra Group appears in this list with six photovoltaic installations, which accumulate 213.87 MW of capacity. These files received their DIA favorably.


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