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9,000 solar panels light up MTN's Johannesburg headquarters in South Africa

JSE-listed telecommunications giant MTN has successfully installed 9,000 solar panels on the rooftops of its Fairlands headquarters in Johannesburg.

Currently, 5,418 panels are operational, contributing approximately 40% of the building’s power needs. The Head Office Solar Renewable Energy Project marks MTN’s significant progress toward achieving its Net Zero emissions goal.

The ongoing energization process has surpassed the halfway point, with over 5,400 panels activated out of the planned 9,000. MTN’s phased approach aims to inject 700 kW into the 14th Avenue microgrid, reducing the head office’s reliance on the municipal grid by 40%.

The company plans to inject a total of 1,800 kW by the end of February, with a battery storage facility expected to be installed by March. MTN’s commitment to sustainability includes various energy sources such as the municipal/Eskom grid, gas generators, diesel generators, solar PV, and a battery energy storage system, managed dynamically for optimal utilization.

MTN CEO Charles Molapisi expressed that MTN SA has aimed to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040, surpassing industry objectives by a decade. The Solar Park initiative and the Island Mode Project demonstrate MTN’s commitment to being independent of the grid during load shedding, underscoring the company’s dedication to resilience and environmental responsibility.


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