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ABB to develop SoutH2Port renewable hydrogen project in Europe

ABB has entered into a partnership with Lhyfe and Skyborn to develop the SoutH2Port renewable hydrogen project in Europe.

It has been informed that SoutH2port will produce about 240 tonnes of hydrogen per day. The project will have an installed capacity of 600MW.

The project will be located near Skyborn's 1GW Storgrundet offshore wind farm in Sweden.

As per the agreement, “ABB will help optimise the integration of the hydrogen and electricity production across the entire ecosystem including automation, electrical and digital technologies and drive the development of scalable, commercial energy transition projects in and around the region,” the company stated.

“This collaboration is a key part of our strategy in both the hydrogen and offshore wind markets,” president of ABB Energy Industries Brandon Spencer, was quoted in a statement.

He further remarked, “Creating a seamless supply chain, through partnerships such as these, is essential to accelerate the energy transition. Hydrogen plays a crucial role in helping achieve the world’s climate goals when it comes to decarbonising the industrial and transportation sectors.”


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