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Acciona Energia concludes first hybrid renewable energy plant in Spain

Acciona Energia has concluded its first hybrid renewable energy plant in Spain.


The project completed with the construction of a solar plant at the site of Escepar wind farm, which is already in operation.


The hybrid wind (36MW) and solar (29MW) park is situated in Villalba del Rey and Tinajas (Cuenca).


As per the company, the project is part of the Social Impact Management (GIS) program. In Villalba del Rey, the company said that it is carrying out a programme to revitalise the Santos Sebastián e Isidro Cooperative.


According to Acciona Energia, Escepar is the company's first hybrid renewables facility. The project uses two or more renewable energy generation technologies through the same connection point. It means the projects will optimise the use of the grid.


The hybrid project uses alternating technologies and facilitates more constant and stable renewable production. It will also reduce the environmental impacts.

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