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ACM sets framework to enable hydrogen pilot projects

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (ACM) wants to give network operators and energy suppliers room to gain experience with the use of hydrogen for heating houses in anticipation of new legislation.

Therefore, the ACM allows pilot projects with hydrogen in the built environment if companies ensure the safety of projects and comply with the consumer protection rules from the Temporary Framework for Hydrogen Pilots. The framework offers scope for the duration of five years, or the moment the new legislation is ready.

The ACM pointed out to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change(EZK) in 2021 that there is no legislation for the supply of hydrogen to consumers. There is also no legal basis for grid operators to participate in experiments with hydrogen. Because it is important, in the context of energy transition, to gain experience with the use of hydrogen, the ACM is now ensuring that network operators and energy suppliers do not have to wait for new legislation.


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