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ACWA Power and IRENA join forces to lead initiatives to transform energy

They will also look into driving investment in renewable projects.

ACWA Power and the International Renewable Energy Agency signed an agreement to lead the global intergovernmental agency for energy transition.

Under the agreement, IRENA and ACWA Power will collaborate to exchange information on infrastructure investment for renewable energy, green hydrogen development, solar power, smart grids, and energy-water nexus.

They will also look into ramping up finance and investment in renewable energy projects and support infrastructure, including storage, distribution, and transmission.

“Through collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions, ACWA Power remains committed to advancing the widespread adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come,” ACWA Power CEO Marco Arcelli said.

They will also hold joint workshops and seminars to share best practices and raise the public’s awareness of energy transition.


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