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AEP launches mobile photovoltaic power plant

The 20-foot container solution "SOLAR BOX" consists of solar modules, battery storage and a hydrogen storage system. It starts with an output of 94 kilowatts and costs around 125,000 euros from the warehouse in Linz. According to the Austrian provider, the system can be scaled to more than 5,000 kilowatts.

AEP has presented its first mobile complete power plant "SOLAR-BOX" based on a 20-foot container. It consists of solar modules, an electricity storage device and a hydrogen storage system, as the Austrian company based in Linz announced on Tuesday. It is an efficient complete photovoltaic solution for a self-sufficient supply that can be operated both grid-connected and off-grid. AEP is now offering the system directly or through its sales partners in various configurations, as Gerald Wirtl, Managing Director of AEP, explained when asked by pv magazine. "The price of the container is around 125,000 euros from the Linz warehouse."

The output of the container solution starts at 94 kilowatts. However, it can also be scaled up to large systems with more than 5000 kilowatts, explains Wirtl. Each container module can be brought to the desired location using standard means of transport such as trucks, ships or trains. The container contains 168 solar modules, each with an output of 560 watts, as well as an inverter with 100 kilovolt amperes and a completely pre-wired AC cabinet. According to the data sheet, the weight is 12.5 tons. The deployment time for setting up the photovoltaic power plant is 30 to 45 minutes. The tilt angle of the modules is 15 degrees and all orientations are possible. According to AEP, the plug-and-play system could be installed in three hours with four workers. Connection to low and medium voltage is possible.

The operating temperature is between -30 and +60 degrees Celsius. AEP describes the simplified building permit, uncomplicated import and export of solar modules, no compaction of the terrain and cable trenches, corrosion resistance and compatibility with storage and energy management systems as further advantages of its system. In addition, there are a wide range of possible uses for the system. These range from the temporary generation of electricity on fallow green spaces, to the supply of remote construction sites and industrial facilities, to the emission-free provision of energy at events. According to Wirtl, the complete power plant is also suitable for supplying people in emergency areas and in developing regions.


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