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Aer Soleir joins hands with NRG+ for 500MW of solar projects in Italy

Aer Soleir has entered into a partnership with an Italian-based renewable energy developer.

For this, the company has already signed a solar photovoltaic co-development agreement with NRG+.

According to the companies, this partnership will enable Aer Soleir to boost its presence and growth in the Italian market. “The alliance will allow Aer Soleir to realise up to 500MW of solar projects,” a report mentioned.

Aer Soleir CEO and founding partner Andy Kinsella commented, “Aer Soleir is committed to accelerating solar development across Europe. This partnership with NRG+, a seasoned, market-leading developer in Italy, offers Aer Soleir access to a strong pipeline of high-quality solar projects.”

Similarly, Aer Soleir Head of Investments Marcus Horgan remarked, “We are delighted to be partnering with an experienced renewables developer, NRG+ Italia, and benefiting from their local presence and expertise. “

Meanwhile, Angelo Romano, NRG+ General Manager, commented, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Aer Soleir, a strategic ally to foster our growth in Europe. We share a vision of a sustainable future for Italy powered by modern, reliable, and affordable renewable energy.”

He added that the duo will be developing a pipeline of 500+ MWp throughout the country.

The collaboration is expected to enable the companies to develop a strong pipeline of projects across Italy


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