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Alight announces over 100MW solar park into Finnish market

Swedish developer Alight has announced its expansion into the Finnish market with over

100MW solar park. The project is regarded as one of Finland’s largest solar parks under development. The solar park will have an installed capacity of over 100MW, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about 20,000 homes. The ground-mounted site will be located over 123 hectares in Eurajoki in the Satakunta municipality. The site is likely to begin construction in 2024 and will be commissioned in 2026. As per the company, with the new solar park, the Finnish municipality of Eurajoki will strengthen its position as a global leader in the clean energy transition. “Alight has been pioneering solar power in Sweden for more than 10 years and we similarly see huge potential in the Finnish market,” Alight chief operations officer Warren Campbell, was quoted in a statement. He further stated, “This new project in Eurajoki marks an exciting expansion phase into the Finnish market for Alight, while at the same time helping the country to reach its ambitious targets of becoming carbon neutral by 2035 and the world’s first fossil fuel-free society.”



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