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Alpiq Sells Swiss Rooftop Solar Systems Portfolio to Gefiswiss Energy Transition Fund

Swiss power producer Alpiq has finalized the sale of its rooftop solar systems in Switzerland to PS Panneaux Solaires SA, the operating entity of the Gefiswiss Energy Transition Fund. The agreement includes seven plants located across the Swiss cantons of Fribourg, Solothurn, and Vaud in western Switzerland. These facilities collectively generate approximately 5.6 GWh of renewable energy annually.

In a statement posted on its website, Alpiq stated that the sale aligns with its strategic focus on core business activities. The company will now concentrate exclusively on designing, constructing, and operating photovoltaic plants close to its core operations, prompting the decision to divest its rooftop PV business as a unified entity.

Alpiq’s energy portfolio in Switzerland primarily consists of hydropower plants, supplemented by involvement in Alpine photovoltaic projects. Collaborating with local partners, Alpiq asserts stakes in six Alpine photovoltaic initiatives, alongside ventures in hydropower and wind energy.

Switzerland has installed 602 MW of solar capacity in the first four months of this year, boosting its total installed solar capacity to approximately 6.8 GW by April 2024.


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