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Alterna Energía develops a new photovoltaic installation for Aclen to power heat pumps

Alterna Energía has been in charge of developing a new photovoltaic installation on a roof with a total area of 3,600 m2. One of the novelties and main challenge of this project has been the combination of the photovoltaic installation with a heat pump installed by Apclen, a company specialized in the customized development of solutions focused on the decarbonization of the DHW, Heating and Gas generation processes. air conditioning, with the aim that the energy generated by it is as green as possible.

The high-efficiency heat pump solution combined with photovoltaic electricity generation is the recognized technology and aligned with the EU energy strategy, to achieve the objectives of decarbonization, efficiency and energy independence. This technology is applicable to the DHW, heating and climate generation processes, since the heat pump technology bases its performance on a technological advantage that guarantees a generation of a greater volume of thermal energy produced with respect to the electrical energy consumed.

In the two months of project development, the installation of 642 units of 465 Wp modules has been carried out, with the total power generated being 298 kWp.


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