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Amman Chamber of Commerce and Modern Energy partner on solar project in Jordan

In a significant move towards sustainable energy practices, the Amman Chamber of Commerce has entered into a strategic agreement with the Modern Energy Company to establish a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system. The deal, inked by Hisham Al-Dweik, Director General of the Chamber, and Ahmed Younis Salem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Modern Jordanian Company, aims to cover 100% of the electricity costs for the chamber.

The agreement encompasses the design, supply, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of a renewable energy generation system utilizing a photovoltaic system. The installation will be situated on a plot of land owned by the Amman Chamber of Commerce. The consortium led by the Modern Energy Company will be responsible for supplying, storing, installing, and operating the system, with a capacity ranging from 265 kW to 321 kW peak. The generated electrical energy will be seamlessly integrated into the Jordanian Electricity Company network, contributing to the broader energy infrastructure.

The move underscores the Amman Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to energy efficiency and reducing long-term operational costs. Hisham Al-Dweik emphasized the Chamber’s dedication to minimizing electricity expenses, with the goal of eventually eliminating these costs entirely. Over the course of four years, the Chamber anticipates recovering the investment made in establishing the solar power system, aligning with its broader strategy of resource management and self-reliance.

Ahmed Younis Salem highlighted the Modern Energy Company’s expertise in clean development mechanisms and previous successful projects in renewable energy. As a pioneer in solar energy installations in Jordan, the company has demonstrated its capabilities in designing, supplying, and operating electricity production projects from renewable sources. The collaboration signifies a practical step in realizing the Amman Chamber of Commerce’s vision for sustainable resource management and self-sufficiency in the years to come.


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