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Analysis of photovoltaic installed capacity of China in 2021

In China 2021, 54.88GW of the new photovoltaic solar system has connected to the grid. By the end of 2021, the photovoltaic power generation grid-connected installed capacity has reached 306 GW.

Statistics in China 2021:

Centralized photovoltaics newly increased by 25.6GW in 2021; residential distributed photovoltaics increased by 21.5GW; industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaics increased by 7.78GW.

Since the middle of 2021, China’s central authorities have encouraged local governments to coordinate available rooftops and build small-scale PV in bulk. The bulk development pattern will assist the growth of the residential sector, particularly in rural areas, with the support of local governments.

Top 10 provinces with new installed solar capacity (MW)

With the strong support and huge ambition, Energy Box predicates that China’s commercial and industrial PV installation in 2022 to exceed 15GW, residential PV's new capacity to reach 30GW, and more than 40GW in utility-scale PV new installation.


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