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Approval Granted: New Solar Farm in Yeovil Set to Shine

Conrad Energy has announced that planning permission for its new 15.23 MW Yeovil solar farm, being developed in collaboration with Leonardo Helicopters, has been approved.

Once fully operational, the site will generate enough energy to power the equivalent of up to 6,500 homes. The lifecycle emissions of solar electricity are around 12 times less than natural gas and 20 times lower than coal. The 40-year lifespan of the solar farm represents a saving of around 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

“The Leonardo site in Yeovil is an incredibly important business and Conrad Energy’s team is offering a solution to help them move towards their net zero targets, whilst also working to fulfil the aims of the local council” said Steven Hardman, Conrad Energy’s CEO. “Long term partnerships that ensure community engagement and a positive biodiversity impact are integral to the way we work, as the energy transition requires support from all of us. Conrad Energy is thrilled to have secured planning consent and look forward to bringing this solar farm to life for the benefit of the local economy and environment.”


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