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Aptech Africa empowers the people of Guinea with solar mini-grid installations

Guinea, a nation in West Africa, has long faced challenges in providing electricity to its population. With only around 30% of its people having access to electricity, the country has been actively seeking sustainable solutions to enhance energy access while reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Among the promising strategies gaining momentum is the deployment of photovoltaic (PV) mini-grids.

Aptech Africa, a leading renewable energy solutions provider, recently executed a significant project in Guinea, comprising the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of two PV mini-grids. These installations, sized at 103.4kWp and 21.45kWp, incorporate battery bank storage capacities of 192kWh and 33.6kWh, respectively.

In Bolodou, a centralized solar PV power plant with a remote monitoring system was established, integrating data collection functionalities for energy measurements, consumption data, and alarms. This system was hybridized with an existing hydroelectric plant, facilitating seamless interconnection with the micro-hydro electrical grid. Similarly, in Thianguel Bori, a centralized off-grid solar PV power plant was deployed alongside an electricity distribution network, connecting a sample of 10 users to the grid.

The implementation of these systems not only benefits the communities in Bolodou and selected users in Thianguel Bori but also promises significant socio-economic advantages. By bolstering energy access for the population and supplying power to local authority offices and schools, the initiative is poised to foster community development and empowerment. The installations feature advanced inverters from Victron and Fronius, including SYMO-20 and quattro models, ensuring efficient and reliable operation for long-term sustainability.


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