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Atlas Energy secures financing for 239MW for solar farm in Brazil

Atlas Renewable Energy has secured finance for the construction of the 239MW Lar do Sol – Casablanca 2 solar farm in Brazil.

The company secured a $76m loan from the Northeast Brazil Constitutional Financing Fund. Atlas Renewable Energy will be the lead investor and operator in the project, while it will forge partnership with Unipar.

The solar farm will be located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

According to the company, the "self-production plant will help boost Unipar to produce chlorine for the treatment of water for more than 60 million people."

It has been informed that the Lar do Sol – Casablanca 2 farm will comprise at least 460,000 solar panels. The plant will be spread in some 700 hectares of land.

The company informed that the annual energy generation of the solar farm will be "equivalent to supplying energy to about 261,662 homes." It will also generate local jobs.


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