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Auren Energia and Vivo join hands for renewable energy solutions in Brazil

Auren Energia and Vivo have entered into partnership for renewable energy solutions in Brazil.


Auren is a leader in energy sales in Brazil while Vivo is a leader in the Brazilian telecommunications market.


The duo announced the signing of a contract to create a joint venture which will be focused on the commercialization of renewable solutions. The JV will adopt the retail sales modality and will have a separate team.


According to the companies, the partnership aims to explore the opportunities with the opening of the free energy market. It means this “will represent a potential of more than 72 thousand new consumers who will be able to choose their supplier and have greater flexibility in contracting the input, from January 1st, 2024,” a local report mentioned.


Ricardo Hobbs, Vice President of Strategy and New Business at Vivo, was quoted in a statement, “The energy market is undergoing major transformations. In a few years, all people and companies in the country will be able to choose their energy supplier, which will change their requirements in terms of service provision and support.”


The company is of view that the latest partnership represents an advancement in its strategic positioning and reinforces its commitment to ESG pillars.


Similarly, Mario Bertoncini, Vice President of Finance and New Business at Auren Energia, remarked, “The year 2024 will be transformative for the free energy market and will require adaptation in the business models of companies in the Electric Sector to serve a growing number of smaller consumers and, in the future, individuals.”


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