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Autocast South Africa Signs Renewable Power Deal with Etana Energy

Autocast South Africa, a prominent supplier of cast and machined components to various industries, has entered into a groundbreaking renewable power agreement with electricity trading company Etana Energy. This initiative marks the beginning of a significant shift towards clean energy adoption among Nelson Mandela Bay’s largest electricity users.

Denise van Huyssteen, CEO of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber (NMBBC), highlights the collaborative effort behind this milestone. The Renewable Energy Cluster, initiated by NMBBC, brought together key energy consumers to explore sustainable power solutions. Following a meticulous selection process, Etana Energy emerged as the preferred supplier of renewable electricity.

Reyburn Hendricks, Director of Etana, underscores the significance of this cluster-based approach in addressing South Africa’s energy challenges while delivering value to shareholders. By signing long-term agreements with independent power producers (IPPs), Etana facilitates the development of renewable power plants and provides secure off-take agreements for financing.

The electricity supplied by Etana will reach customers like Autocast South Africa through “wheeling,” enabling the transportation of traded electricity across the Eskom grid. Etana’s diverse generation portfolio, comprising wind and solar, aims to substantially reduce customers’ carbon footprint while ensuring reliable and cost-effective energy supply.

David Mertens, Executive Director of Autocast, emphasizes the alignment of this partnership with sustainability goals and the imperative to decarbonize energy consumption. By accessing clean wind-powered energy, Autocast aims to reduce its environmental impact and achieve long-term energy stability.

Customers benefit from favorable tariff rates, inflation-indexed increases, Renewable Energy Certificates, and B-BBEE preferential procurement opportunities. Evan Rice, CEO of Etana, acknowledges the support of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and underscores the importance of collaboration in driving sustainable energy initiatives.

Through collective action and strategic partnerships, businesses in Nelson Mandela Bay demonstrate resilience and adaptability amidst ongoing challenges in the electricity sector. This collaborative effort not only benefits individual businesses but also contributes to the broader goal of sustainable energy transition in South Africa


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