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Baden-Württemberg: Record expansion in photovoltaics is not enough

In Baden-Württemberg, in no other year have as many new photovoltaic systems gone into operation as in 2023. The Solar Cluster in the state reports on this. The expansion was therefore around 1,860 megawatts - an increase of almost 130 percent compared to the previous year. In the southwest, around 140,000 new solar power systems were added on building roofs and open spaces. One in eight new solar systems was installed in the southwest.

10.1 gigawatts of solar power capacity have now been installed in the southwest. One reason for the current successful photovoltaic expansion from the Upper Rhine plain to Upper Swabia is the legal changes at federal and state levels. Citizens and companies have fewer hurdles to overcome and have additional incentives to set up a photovoltaic system. This is now having a positive impact. The energy price crisis in 2022 also contributed to the boom in demand - systems ordered at that time were usually not built until 2023.

In 2024, it is now important to take up this momentum through smart and decisive action in order to bring even more photovoltaics onto roofs and outdoors, says Andreas Schlumberger, the managing director of the industry association. Because the solar expansion has only reached half of the required amount. A new calculation by the Solar Cluster has shown that the southwest will need a total of 4,000 megawatts of installed photovoltaic capacity per year in the future. The increased need for expansion is based on the quantities of green electricity that are necessary to achieve the contractually agreed goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement in the country. The 2,000 megawatts previously demanded by the association were based on the climate protection goals of the state of Baden-Württemberg.


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