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Brazil announces rules for development of offshore wind market

Brazil has announced rules for the development of the country’s offshore wind market.

The Brazilian government came up with the regulations to establish the regulatory and legal basis. It came up with the "publication of Decree No 10.946 to help facilitate development of offshore wind projects which add up to around 4000MW of capacity."

It has been reported that the decree "provides for the assignment of use of physical spaces and the use of natural resources for the generation of electricity from offshore wind and applies to inland waters, territorial sea, exclusive economic zones and the continental shelf," a report mentioned.

Meanwhile, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has welcomed the latest rule.

GWEC chief executive Ben Backwell was quoted in a report,

“Brazil has virtually unlimited offshore wind resources and wind energy companies have already presented applications for licensing for 40GW of offshore wind projects in Brazil."

Ben further said that it

"Represents a unique opportunity to meet growing power demand, develop green hydrogen projects and create vast amounts of investment and skilled jobs."

Furthermore, it has been reported that the "decree provides the clarity and the certainty that the wind industry needs to move ahead and continue to develop large scale projects off the coast of Brazil."

Meanwhile, GWEC has been working with the Brazilian wind energy association to support necessary input and experiences from international wind markets.

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