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Brazil approves operations of 186.49 MW solar and wind parks in April

Brazil approved the operations of solar and wind parks with a combined capacity of 186.49 MW in April.

According to the power sector regulator Aneel, the renewable parks were granted permits to commence operations in Brazil.

Out of the total connection to the grid, it has been reported that solar power plants occupied around 127.69 MW. With this new capacity, solar power contributes 2.72% of Brazil's total installed capacity.

Likewise in April, the remaining 58.8 MW wind parks began commercial operation. With this addition, wind farms now account for 11.74% of Brazil's installed capacity, as per Aneel.

Besides solar and wind, hydroelectric plants are the largest contributor for the energy in Brazil. It occupies around 55.78% of the installed capacity as a producer of sustainable energy in the country.

According to the authority, solar and wind power accounted for 21% and 54% respectively out of the total capacity added since the beginning of this year.


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