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Brazil’s installed capacity of solar plants reaches 10.4GW by August

Brazil’s installed capacity of solar power plants has reached 10.4GW by the end of August.

It means the capacity is 5.27% of total power granted (196GW), according to the country’s electric power watchdog Aneel. It is the Brazilian electric power regulator.

As per the local reports, “there were 18,100 PV solar generating plants in operation, counting only centralized plants, which can be dispatched by the national grid operator.”

It has been informed that in August, at least 15 solar power plants started their operations, with a total capacity of 745MW.

According to the power regulator, 2.1mn solar panel systems are installed in the country, with 23.5GW of installed power. There is also a growing presence of distributed solar micro- and mini generation.

Solar power plants in Brazil are concentrated mainly in the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Ceara, Rio Grande do Sul, Piaui, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa among others.

To be noted, Brazil plans to source 45 percent of the nation's total energy mix from renewable resources by 2030.

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