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Brazil's power demand increases by 2.2 percent

Brazil's power demand has increased by 2.2 percent in the first half of April as compared to the previous year.

According to the country's power clearing house CCEE, "Demand rose to an average 66,362MW in the first half of April compared with 63,935MW in the same period last year."

This has been followed through bilateral contracts and demand picked up amid warmer temperatures. The data suggests that "energy consumption among bilateral contract clients grew by 4 percent from a year earlier."

The data further suggested that regulated market clients including both domestic and small or medium business consumers witnessed a 1.3 percent increase on the year.

A local report mentioned, "The results can be attributed to higher temperatures in the southeastern, northeastern and mid-center regions compared to 2021, leading to an increased use of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment."

According to the official data, the service sector had the most power demand, with 22 percent more demand than in the previous year.

As per CCEE, hydro generation witnessed a 17 percent increment as compared to the previous year. "Solar power presented an increase of 60 percent, due to the installation of new plants and favorable climate conditions, while wind plants generated 22 percent less energy compared with a year earlier," the local report mentioned.


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