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Brazil secures 35 GW of installed power from photovoltaic solar sources

Brazil has crossed the mark of 35 gigawatts (GW) of installed power from photovoltaic solar sources.

According to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR), the country has added large-scale plants and own energy generation systems on roofs, facades and plots of land.

According to the association, solar energy has brought Brazil more than R$ 170 billion in new investments and more than R$ 47.9 billion in revenue since 2012.

It means that renewables have prevented the emission of 42.8 million tons of CO2 during electricity generation.

President of the Board of Directors of ABSOLAR, Ronaldo Koloszuk, remarked that the growth of solar energy has boosted the competitiveness of Brazilian productive sectors.

“Finally, Brazil woke up to solar energy and its benefits. Taking advantage of a clean and cheap source of energy helps in the country's energy transition process, in addition to encouraging the diversification of electricity supply, reducing pressure on water resources and the risk of further increases in the population's electricity bills,” Koloszuk was quoted in a statement.

Rodrigo Sauaia, CEO of ABSOLAR, was quoted, “In addition to also contributing to the decarbonization process of the Amazon with the joint use of batteries, the growth of solar sources can further accelerate the attraction of investments, the generation of jobs and income and Brazil’s international leadership in the energy transition.”

As per data, in the distributed energy generation segment, there is 24.4 GW of installed power from solar sources.

Brazil has around 10.6 GW of installed power in large solar plants. It has been reported that solar technology is currently used in 99.9% of all distributed generation connections in the country.


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