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🌍💡 Breaking: FMO Commits $10 Million to Nithio's FAIR Initiative for Climate-Resilient Clean Energy Solutions in Africa! Join the Movement Towards Sustainable Development!

Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank, FMO, has extended a $10 million funding package to climate fintech platform Nithio for its investment vehicle, FAIR: the Facility for Adaptation, Inclusion, and Resilience. The initiative aims to provide financing to companies offering clean energy solutions to households and small enterprises in Africa, addressing the continent’s vulnerability to climate shocks and enhancing energy access.

Africa, facing unprecedented climate challenges, will benefit from the collaboration between Nithio and FMO. The investment will empower Nithio to scale financing for solar home systems and productive use appliances, supporting livelihoods, generating jobs, and boosting productivity for households and businesses. Through FAIR, Nithio has already made 11 investments, providing energy access to over 400,000 people and supporting 12,100 enterprises.

FMO’s investment in FAIR aligns with its Access to Energy Fund (AEF) mandate, supporting renewable energy access in emerging markets. The investment will contribute to providing new or improved energy access to over 160,000 people, supporting nearly 7,000 small enterprises, and avoiding more than 500,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

The partnership emphasizes Nithio’s commitment to equitable energy access, including plans for an innovative Gender-Lens Financing that incentivizes solar companies to prioritize women customers. Increased energy access has demonstrated a 23% improvement in women’s job opportunities and an 11% increase in empowerment. FAIR, leveraging Nithio’s AI-driven risk analytics models, aims to fill market gaps by providing sustainable financing to local distributors and large international solar companies.

Kate Steel, Co-Founder, and CEO at Nithio expressed pride in the partnership, anticipating a positive impact on households and SMEs across Africa. The investment is poised to scale energy solutions, improve livelihoods, enhance the quality of life, and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.


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