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Bridgestone receives Renewable Energy Certificates from Mekha V in Thailand

Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Thailand (BTMT) has received Renewable Energy Certificates from Mekha V.

Along with Bridgestone, Chonburi province and Thai Bridgestone (TBSC), Nong Khae plant, Saraburi province also received the permits. Mekha V is a leading provider of AI Robotics and Digitalization, which certifies renewable electricity utilization in tire production.

The latest development comes as part of Bridgestone Group’s long-term vision to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Currently, Bridgestone’s sources of renewable electricity include solar, wind and hydropower.

According to the companies, this collaboration reflects the shared commitment to boost sustainable energy implementation for Thailand.

Shousuke Namiyama, Managing Director of BTMT was quoted in a statement, “BTMT is striving for carbon neutrality. This year we have increased the ratio of renewable electricity utilization to 100%, consisting of renewable electricity powered by Renewable Energy Certificates and solar rooftop panels. We aim for 100% renewable in purchased electricity every year.”

The company plans to expand solar rooftop panels installation by an additional 13% from 2025.

Meanwhile, Tomohiro Irie, Technical Director of TBSC remarked, “Implementing renewable electricity in tire production is a steppingstone for realizing Bridgestone Group’s long-term environmental vision by 2050. Importantly, it will help propel sustainability initiatives for the broader Thai automotive industry.”

The company plans to expand solar rooftop panels installation in extensive areas of Nong Khae plant from 2024.


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