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Brussels targets 40% of clean tech manufacturing in Europe by 2030

The European Commission is drafting a new target to have at least 40% of clean technologies manufactured in the EU by 2030 as part of a drive to meet its climate goals and strengthen energy independence. Eligible technologies include renewables, nuclear power and carbon capture and storage, among others.

“Accelerating the energy transition is the defining generational challenge of our times. The Green Deal Industrial Plan and net zero industry act must quickly address gaping shortcomings that have exposed existential vulnerabilities,” Mettler said.

Alongside an overall target for Europe’s net-zero technology manufacturing capacity, the draft includes specific targets for certain industries.

This includes meeting 40% of annual solar PV deployment, 50% of electrolysers, and 60% of heat pump deployment with EU manufacturing by 2030. For batteries and wind energy, the percentage goes up to 85% by 2030.

For solar, the target “is possible, depending on how far the financial support frameworks will go”, according to Dries Acke, policy director at SolarPower Europe.

It will also depend what the 40% is based on, he added, saying it is strange that it is a percentage rather than a gigawatts target, which would provide more investor clarity and is closer to the EU’s normal approach.

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