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Bulgaria and Greece strengthen hydrogen and renewable energy cooperation

Bulgaria and Greece have agreed to step up cooperation on a number of energy goals, such as developing hydrogen technologies and optimising the utilisation of renewable energy resources.


The Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Greece on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that sets a framework for future collaboration. The pact will have a three-year term unless it is extended by the parties.


Other initiatives encompassed by the accord include increasing the transmission capacity of national electricity and gas distribution networks, building and expanding hydrogen transmission networks and bolstering cross-border capacity based on proven market demand. The two countries will also work to build cross-border infrastructure for the real-time production, transmission and consumption of hydrogen and renewable.


The MoU also emphasis the need to advance the digitization of electricity grids and ensure greater flexibility in managing their energy systems. The document further highlights the importance of projects of regional and community interest aimed at achieving a transition to a carbonized and climate-neutral economy.


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