Carlton Power to develop a new green hydrogen hub in the UK

European Energy infrastructure development company Carlton Power is all set to develop a new green hydrogen hub in the UK.

This will be the company’s third hydrogen hub. The 10 MW hydrogen hub project will be located near Plymouth, Devon.

The company informed that the project will provide easy access to hydrogen fuel benefitting local companies like energy intensive industries or those with transport fleets.

It comes at a time when hydrogen is expected to play a major role over the next few decades to help reduce the UK’s CO₂ emissions.

It has been reported that the first phase of the project has already secured planning consent from South Hams District Council. It will produce sustainable hydrogen fuel at scale within the next few years.

Meanwhile, the government has made investments to boost the growth of the hydrogen economy in the UK.

A report mentioned that the “hydrogen hub will support the further growth of renewable electricity generation in the region.”

Eric Adams, Hydrogen Projects Director at Carlton Power, commented, “With the need, especially among industrial companies, to move away from fossil fuels and reach Net Zero, Langage Green Hydrogen and our other projects can make an important contribution to the transition to the hydrogen economy. “

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