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Carrefour to install solar panels at its 130 stores in Spain

Carrefour Spain has made an announcement to install 330,000 square metres of solar panels at 130 of its stores.

For this project, the company has joined hands with SolarProfit, which is focused on photovoltaic solar energy.

With this announcement, the company has taken forward its renewable commitments. The company has carrefour 2026 commitment to environmental sustainability while has also focused on electric-powered vehicles. It comes as the retailer aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

It has been informed that the solar panels will be mainly located in Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencia, Extremadura and Madrid. The rollout plan is likely to run until June 2024.

According to Carrefour, solar panels have been introduced in around 30 hypermarkets and supermarkets. The company further plans to install an average of 1,700 solar panels at each store.

Carrefour’s installation will reach a total of 200,000 solar panels that can generate 112,000 MWh annually upon the project completion. The generated power is equal to the energy needs of at least 50,000 homes in one year.

Furthermore, Carrefour has planned to significantly reduce emissions from its operations and strive for 100% renewable electricity usage by 2030, it said.

Despite high inflation, the company achieved like-for-like growth of 12.3%, surpassing the 10.9% sales growth of last year.


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