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Celec to produce green hydrogen at a low cost

The Ecuadorian Electric Corporation (Celec EP) is looking at the possibility of turning many hydroelectric facilities into pumping plants. This is so that “surplus water may be stored over the winter to make hydrogen at a minimal cost.” During the Ecuadorian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s discussion on “Green Hydrogen, a Long-Term Commitment,” Gonzalo Uquillas, the manager of Celec EP, said as much.

“The essential difficulty in creating this green hydrogen project in Ecuador is always developing the required legislation and standards, as well as encouraging private participation,” Uquillas says.

Uquillas underlined in his lecture on “Prospects for the Incorporation of Green Hydrogen in the Ecuadorian Energy Production and Distribution Network” that Ecuador is dedicated to a decarbonized energy transition, with green hydrogen as a key component. “The problem for business and governments will be to provide enough electric power at a low enough cost to be the input to be able to manufacture hydrogen,” he said.

He also stated that by the year 2050, global expectations for green hydrogen generation include the production of 520 million tons of green hydrogen, which will represent an 18 percent contribution to global energy consumption; a reduction of 6,000 million tons of greenhouse gases; a $2.5 trillion market; and the creation of approximately 30 million jobs.

Celec EP, he remembered, provides 90 percent of national demand. On this day, 92.7 percent of the national demand is satisfied by renewable energy, therefore “Celec EP is the central player of the Ecuadorian state in this green hydrogen effort.” We are a land of opportunity, with great energy potential.”

Green hydrogen is produced via electrolysis, which is the separation of water into its constituent parts, hydrogen, and oxygen, using an external electrical current. The concept is that this energy may be saved, transformed, and stored in the form of hydrogen using this technique, which works best in hydroelectric facilities.


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