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Cero Generation starts operations of 70MW agrivoltaic solar farm in Europe

Cero Generation kicked off operations in 70MW agrivoltaic solar farm in Europe.

The solar farm is located in the province of Latina in the Lazio region in Italy. The Pontinia facility is regarded as one of the first large-scale agrivoltaic plants in the country.

According to the company, the project went through two 10-year virtual power purchase agreements (PPA) with two global brands Heineken and Philips.

It further informed that the two companies will be paying for the clean energy generated by Pontinia, at 64GWh/y and 16GWh/y respectively. It added that since its an agrivoltaic plant, around 65% of the 135 hectares of the facility will be used for agricultural crops.

Cero shared that it will work in partnership with Fattoria Solidale del Circeo to carry out the farming activities for the project. The project has been a pioneer name for subsidy-free solar PV projects in the country.

Cero Generation chief executive Marta Martinez Queimadelos was quoted in a statement, “We’re delighted to see our Pontinia project enter operation and start to produce cleaner, cheaper, and more secure energy for the Province of Latina in the Lazio region. The virtual PPAs with Heineken and Philips and the project’s clever integration with agricultural crops embodies the scale of innovation needed to combat the climate crisis.”

Cero informed that it has 25GW portfolio divided into 370 utility-scale projects in Europe.


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