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Chile makes public list of power producers contesting in 2022 auction

Chilean energy commission CNE has made public a list of 15 power producers who will be contesting in the 2022 auction.

Though the auction saw some delay in the past, it is proceeding as scheduled currently. Bids were due and submitted by July 1.

It has been informed that the companies are supposed to supply a total of 5,250 GWh of electricity annually. The contract will last in until the end of 2041.

According to CNE, the auction saw participation of pioneer renewable energy companies.

A report mentioned that "distributors will be awarding 15-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) to secure electricity -- from any source, but no fossil-fuel back-up -- for their residential and SME customers between January 1, 2027 and December 31, 2041."

It has been reported that the awards act remains pencilled in for July 25 based on CNE’s update.


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