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Chile needs action to support the transition needs from coal to renewables

Chile’s installed capacity stands at 29.5GW, according to the national energy commission CNE of May.

Out of total, thermoelectric plants account for 43.3%, hydroelectric 22.6% and non-conventional renewable energy 34%.

Meanwhile, coal accounts for around 16%, diesel 14% and natural gas 13%. It has been reported that by April, the top most technologies were coal, followed by natural gas and solar PV. As per the current planning, 18 coal generation units with 3.5GW will be retired in an initial phase till 26.

Amid such, talks are being held stating that "retiring Chile’s coal-fired power stations and substituting their capacity with clean technologies can be achieved efficiently without compromising supply security or quality."

However, it has been claimed that there is a need for action to support the transition needs, a report published by local renewables chamber Acera stated.

The report further stated that there is a need for new infrastructure, modernization of operational policies and market design among others to facilitate Chile’s shift away from coal.

According to Acera executive director Ana Lía Rojas, there is a need of assigning responsibilities and tasks of the actors so that the right supportive regulatory, technical and social conditions are in place.

“If this doesn’t happen, construction of the necessary technologies, such as solar thermal or geothermal, to reach the goal will not be achieved," he was quoted.


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