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Chile’s renewables account for 43.5% to total generating capacity

Chile's renewables has accounted for 43.5% to the nation's total generating capacity. The data was revealed by the renewable energy association of Chile, Acera. As per the Chilean national energy commission (CNE), non-conventional renewables produced 41.0 percent of Chile’s electricity in October. The country’s cumulative installed PV capacity has reached 9,187 MW by the end of October. This means that the PV capacity accounted for 26% of the country's total power capacity. Chile’s power capacity stands at 35,318 MW. As per Acera, PV covered 20.7% of national electricity generation, ranking second after hydropower at 25.7% in October. It further stated that the “rooftop PV installations under the nation's net-billing regime have reached 19,730 projects, surpassing 202.7 MW.


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