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Chilean President claims of immense potential for renewable energies in Chile

Chilean President Ricardo Lagos has stated that Chile has immense potential for renewable energies, but is failing to take full advantage.

He mentioned that in lack of full utilization, there might be a negative effect in areas like copper production and international affairs.

“If Chile doesn’t have green copper within five or eight years from now, we'll be squandering our position,” he said while addressing an event.

As per a local report, "a prototype for a hydrogen-fueled hybrid for mine haulage trucks, using batteries and cells was unveiled in January this year.

It was partially financed by Chilean development agency Corfo, and for the use in trials by Antofagasta Minerals.

Furthermore, the President underscored that the country can generate green hydrogen by expanding its solar energy generation capacity, especially in the northern region. He also stressed on promoting solar and wind generation more.

This comes at a time when Chile’s main renewable source of power hydro is now under constraints.

The President said that green hydrogen holds a huge opportunity to produce green copper in future.

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