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Clearvise AG Acquires Italian Solar Park, Expands Renewable Portfolio

Clearvise AG, an independent electricity producer focusing on renewable energies across Europe, has announced the signing of a purchase agreement for an Italian solar park. The 16.1 MWp solar park is slated to be constructed on an industrial site in Sardinia, with development already in advanced stages. Construction is expected to reach completion in the first quarter of 2025.

This acquisition marks the realization of the first project from the clearPARTNERS development cooperation, initiated in December 2023, which encompasses five projects with a combined planned capacity of approximately 125 MWp. Notably, the development pipeline spans four of Italy’s seven electricity price zones, emphasizing regional diversification. clearvise holds an exclusive right to acquire 100% of the company’s shares in each project.

Petra Leue-Bahns, CEO of clearvise AG, underscores the significance of this milestone, stating, “Signing the purchase agreement for the project rights for our first Italian project is another milestone for clearvise. The entry into the Italian market is now taking shape. In addition to this solar park, thanks to the experience of our cooperation partner, the development of the other four projects in the pipeline is also making positive progress.”

Clearvise is strategically building a diverse portfolio of onshore wind farms and solar parks across different regions. Leveraging Italy’s abundant solar radiation, the company aims to achieve high efficiency in electricity generation from PV systems. The successful expansion of the solar park portfolio aligns with clearvise’s strategic goal of halving production from wind and solar parks. Italy is poised to become a stable core market alongside Germany and France in clearvise’s expansion plans.


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