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Clearvise Shifts Focus: Embracing Wind and Solar Power in Renewable Energy Strategy

Clearvise AG has announced it is to focus on wind and solar after it restructured its portfolio to exclude the biogas segment.

At the same time, the Klettwitz-Nord solar park in Germany will be able to increase its feed-in capacity by around 9MW on the AC side by converting the park control system to dynamic feed-in.

The required certification has been successfully completed and the necessary parameterization and adaptation work in the transformer station is progressing.

As a result, around 1,400 MWh of additional environmentally friendly green electricity can be fed into the grid each year with the same installed capacity.

The Klettwitz-Nord solar park has an installed capacity of 90MWp.

It was acquired by Clearvise in January 2022 and commissioned in May 2022.

The performance optimization was implemented in cooperation with GP Joule and Zebotec. Manuel Sieth, chief financial officer of Clearvise, said: "The intelligent optimisation of our portfolio contributes to the continuous improvement of our operating performance and increases our profitability.

"The increase in performance achieved at Klettwitz-Nord is further proof of the commercial and technical expertise of our asset management team."Petra Leue-Bahns, chief executive of Clearvise AG, added: "Active portfolio management is of the utmost importance for the success of our company.

"We therefore carry out ongoing valuations of our investments.

"The sale of the biogas plant is a result of this process.

"The investment has tied up a lot of resources internally, which we can now use profitably for our core business, the operation of wind and solar parks and the co-development of ground-mounted photovoltaics.

"We are delighted to have found an experienced buyer in Weltec Holding, which specializes in the operation of biogas plants."


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