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Commerz Real invests in five Swedish solar farms

Commerz Real has invested in five Swedish solar farms as part of its Klimavest impact fund.

The photovoltaic projects are already in an advanced stage of development and will have an installed capacity of 246MWp. They are due to be connected to the grid in 2023 and 2024.

Four of the parks are located in the Greater Stockholm area and one project on the outskirts of Gothenburg.

Their developer is Swedish company Helios Nordic Energy, which is currently developing some 70 projects in Scandinavia and the Baltics with a volume of around 2.3GW.

Helios is responsible for continuing the project development until it is ready for construction, for accompanying the construction until completion and for the ongoing technical management of the facilities.

The generated green electricity is intended to meet the annual consumption of about 30,000 average Swedish households according to figures of Eurostat.

As recently as May of this year Commerz Real acquired two photovoltaic projects in Sweden together with Helios for an institutional fund.

“This investment is enhancing the diversification of the Klimavest portfolio in several ways. With Germany, France, Spain, Finland and now Sweden the fund investments are already spread in geographical terms across five major European markets,” said Yves-Maurice Radwan, Head of Green Deal Infrastructure at Commerz Real.

“In addition, we are specifically expanding the role of photovoltaic in the energy mix of Klimavest. Solar energy is a proven key technology and is indispensable for a successful energy turnaround,”

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