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Concor kicks off expansion of solar power project in South Africa

South African construction company Concor has kicked off a project for the expansion of solar power.

It has been informed that the project will add 5.74 MW of solar power to the existing grid-tied solar plant in the shopping mall. The mall is located in Germiston in East Rand region.

The solar project covers an area of 31,000 square meters, and is expected to be completed by 2024.

Earlier in 2021, the East Gate Shopping Center had received the existing solar PV plant. A local report mentioned that the “solar project is in line with L2D’s 2030 net zero targets.”

The latest development comes at a time when Concor is pushing for the expansion of solar power at the shopping mall. The company has already executed similar projects in both retail stores and commercial offices around the country.

According to Contract Manager at Concor Martin Muller, “the project expansion work will comprise nearly 550 tonnes of structural steel roof which will support the solar photovoltaic panels. The steel roof will be constructed on concrete plinths on the upper parking level, ensuring that loads are spread equally onto the main columns below.”

To be noted, in South Africa, retailers have been working to develop solar PV and battery storage systems as backup power solutions in shopping malls.


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