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Constant Energy announces Phase II solar project of ATAC in Thailand

Constant Energy has announced the implementation of a new Phase II solar power plant of Aisin Thai Automotive Casting (ATAC) in Thailand.

This development has been regarded as significant for both Aisin Thai Automotive Casting and Constant Energy team.

The duo shared that the project success represents their long-term commitment to providing innovative and sustainable renewable energy solutions, it was mentioned in the statement.

It has been informed that Constant Energy and ATAC’s initial contract was signed in 2020. The success of Phase I led to Phase II.

“At Constant Energy, we value the importance of building and managing good relationships with our clients. As we move forward, we hope to continuously grow our partnership with Aisin Thai Automotive Casting Co., Ltd. and provide them with the best solutions they need to expand and improve their business,” the company said in a statement.

Franck Constant, CEO and Founder of Constant Energy as quoted, “The dedication and hard work of everyone involved, from the project manager to the site manager and staff members, ensured a smooth and successful energization process, and we are proud to have been part of this achievement.”

The duo has pledged to work together for other solar projects in Thailand.


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