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Constant Energy expands solar management with Thai Fortune 500 O&M company

Constant Energy, a prominent leader in solar energy solutions across Southeast Asia, has announced a significant agreement with Solarcon, a leading Thai operations and maintenance (O&M) provider specializing in renewable energy. Solarcon boasts a strong reputation for managing solar plants totaling 400 MW on behalf of major corporations across various regions of Thailand, excelling in diverse environmental conditions to ensure optimal plant performance.

Under this new agreement, Constant Energy will increase Solarcon’s management capacity by an additional 4.8 MW, bringing the total under their oversight to 7.8 MW when including projects added a year ago. This expansion underscores the satisfaction of Constant Energy and its Fortune 500 clients with Solarcon’s effective management practices, solidifying a robust and ongoing partnership between the two firms. The collaboration highlights Constant Energy’s commitment not only to constructing top-tier solar power plants but also to ensuring their sustained operational excellence and efficiency over the long term.

Key executives from both companies attended the signing ceremony, including Franck Constant, CEO and founder of Constant Energy, Laetitia Gerbier, COO at Constant Energy, Supinthara Kamsuvan, Deputy Head of Asset Management at Constant Energy, Rapeepol Chanpanich, Managing Director at Solarcon, and Atsadawut Puttanu, Project Manager at Solarcon.

Constant Energy’s approach extends beyond initial project completion, recognizing the enduring value of ongoing plant performance. Their ongoing collaboration with Solarcon ensures each installation receives meticulous maintenance and support, maximizing energy production efficiency while minimizing operational disruptions. Solarcon’s dedication to excellence guarantees stringent error prevention measures and maximized electricity generation efficiency across all managed facilities.


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