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Corio Generation to develop five offshore wind farms in Brazil

Corio Generation has announced plans to develop five offshore wind farms in Brazil with a total capacity of over 5GW. Corio is a portfolio company of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group.

The projects include the 1.2GW each Costa Nordeste, Cassino and Guarita, along with the 1170MW Rio Grande and 495MW Vitoria.

Out of these projects, Guarita, Cassino and Rio Grande are located off the south coast, while Costa Nordeste is based off the north-east and Vitoria off the south-east coast.

The company informed that these fixed-bottom projects are at early-stage development.

Corio Generation is working with leading Brazilian power generation company Servte to develop these projects. It has been informed that the duo has joined hands for over a year to explore and grab opportunities in the Brazilian market.

Corio Generation chief executive Jonathan Cole commented, “Brazil is blessed with immense wind resources along its coastline, offering a vital new source of clean, affordable and reliable energy. We see huge opportunity for harnessing Brazil’s ocean wind energy, bringing economic investment and green jobs to the country.”

Meanwhile, Servtec Energia managing partner Lauro Fiuza Neto remarked, “It is an honour for Servtec to join forces with Corio to support offshore wind power in Brazil. As a long-standing player in the renewable power industry, we’ve led efforts to build what is now a 22GW onshore wind power market."

The duo shared they will work together to contribute for clean energy in Brazil and help it achieve the goals.

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