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Decade-long Hydrogen Supply Deal to Clean up Off-grid Power Revealed

Under a new partnership, Octopus Hydrogen has announced a landmark deal that will see hydrogen supplied to GeoPura for the next decade to drive the replacement of diesel generators.

Octopus Hydrogen is set to supply the renewable energy solutions provider with six tonnes of what it has called, home-grown, reliable, and cost competitive green hydrogen for the next 10 years, to be used by GeoPura at off-grid locations for its Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU).

The agreement between the two companies aims to deliver feasible alternatives to fossil fuels, accelerating decarbonisation across a range of industries, while contributing to the UK Government’s goals of boosting the country’s hydrogen production capacity to 10GW by 2030.

Andrew Cunningham, Managing Director of GeoPura, said, “The replacement of fossil fuels is a huge task and demand for our technology is growing fast. It’s great to combine forces with Octopus Hydrogen to use 100% renewable power to make clean energy in the form of green hydrogen. We can swap dirty diesel for zero emissions green hydrogen, helping to decarbonise industries like construction and events, improving the air we breathe and tackle climate change.”

In 2021, GeoPura’s HPU, in partnership with Siemen’s Energy, powered an entire episode of BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s Winterwatch with uninterrupted, emissions free electrical power.

Will Rowe, founder and CEO of Octopus Hydrogen, added, “Green hydrogen is a game changer for the clean energy transition, it’s the perfect solution to replace diesel generators and reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels. That’s why Octopus Hydrogen is determined to demonstrate this new energy system at pace, and we’re looking forward to working with GeoPura to make it happen.”


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