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DEREX installs floating solar farm in Latvia

The 2.1MW project will provide power to the Sloka wastewater treatment plant, run by water utility Jurmalas Udens in Jurmala. The system will be ready for deployment by the end of 2023.

The floating system was designed by Sungrow. The solar modules used in the power station — RECOM Panther 550Wp Half Cut mono bifacial double glass frameless solar modules — were manufactured by RECOM Technologies.

The Sloka plant consumes 40% of the total energy expenses of Jurmalas Udens. The installation of the solar station will enable the facility to generate its own energy, effectively lowering the electricity costs of its parent company and reducing the organisation's reliance on fluctuations in energy market rates.

Floating stations have not gained significant popularity in Latvia and the Baltic region yet, although this is the safest option for the fragile ecosystems typical of the region,” said Yulia Nikulina, project manager and director of the DEREX green energy division.

“The 'islands' on the water protect the surface from excessive sunlight, preventing the growth of underwater vegetation and preserving the balance and purity of the water ecosystem. Furthermore, the water environment is optimal for the panels themselves, as the natural cooling effect of the water helps the station maintain a stable temperature. Even higher station performance is achieved by bifacial (two-sided) panels, which absorb the reflection of the sun from the surface of the water.”

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