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Deutsche Telekom to install 10 MWp of rooftop solar on its sites

A unit of Deutsche Telekom AG will collaborate with German solar energy start-up Enviria Solar GmbH to equip over 200 of its locations with photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of up to 10 MWp.

Deutsche Telekom's fully-owned subsidiary Power and Air Condition Solution Management GmbH (PASM) is in charge of the project.

Upon completion, the systems are expected to generate 9 million kWh of solar power a year, saving over 5,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, PASM said.

Enviria is supporting PASM in developing a standardised process to implement as many photovoltaic systems as possible in a short period. Teams of the companies have been already working on a joint solution for several months.

Established in 2017, Enviria focuses on solar-centric energy solutions and energy-as-a-service concepts for businesses. The Frankfurt-based startup is involved in planning, installing, and operating new photovoltaic systems. To date, it has developed more than 200 commercial projects with an installed capacity of over 70 MW.

PASM acts as the energy provider for Deutsche Telekom and is responsible for the availability of the critical infrastructure.


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