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Disneyland Paris' 36 MW Parking Shade Enters Full Operation

The facility covers 20 hectares of parking and some 11,200 spaces and will be operated for 30 years. All electricity will be resold, without any self-consumption device.

Urbasolar has announced the commissioning of the last section of the solar shade installed in the Disneyland Paris car park . With a power of 36.1 MW, the plant covers 20 hectares of parking and some 11,200 spaces, which makes it, according to the developer, the largest photovoltaic shade plant in Europe.

Urbasolar specified that the installation will be operated for 30 years and that all of the electricity will be resold, without any self-consumption system. The company added that the challenge of the project consisted of managing co-activity with the client, that is to say “guaranteeing the continuation of the activity of the park despite the work”.

The project, launched in 2020 , was carried out in partnership and co-investment between Urbasolar and Disney land Paris. The approximately 82,000 solar panels have been deployed in parking spaces for light vehicles “but also motorhomes and tourist buses”. They should produce 36 GWh of electricity per year.

Damien Audric, director of planning and environment at Disneyland Paris, welcomed the positive impact of the solar installation on the visitor experience. “Indeed, thanks to the shade houses, not only will we produce renewable and carbon-free electricity locally, but we will also offer comfort to visitors, by protecting them from the heat, rain and snow in winter, whatever 'they come by car, camper van or bus'.

Disney has not yet provided feedback on the business model for reselling electricity, nor to confirm the total surface area of ​​the parking lot covered by photovoltaic shades.


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