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EBRD provides 100 million to Taaleri SolarWind III fund for renewable energy development

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has pledged up to €100 million to Taaleri SolarWind III, a fund managed by Finland-based Taaleri Energia. This investment aims to facilitate the development of 800 MW of fresh renewable energy capacity within EBRD-invested economies.

Taaleri Energia, a longstanding partner of the EBRD, has received prior investment from the bank in its predecessor fund, Taaleri SolarWind II. The EBRD has actively supported and co-financed renewable energy projects managed by Taaleri in regions under its purview.

The focus of Taaleri SolarWind III lies in equity investments in large-scale renewable energy endeavors, encompassing onshore wind farms, photovoltaic solar parks, and energy storage initiatives across Europe and the United States.

The EBRD’s contribution to the fund will be solely directed toward greenfield renewable energy projects within its invested economies, spanning central Europe, the Baltic states, south-eastern Europe, and the Western Balkans.

Anne Fossemalle, EBRD Director of Equity Funds, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Taaleri Energia, emphasizing the pivotal role this investment will play in bolstering renewable power generation and fostering the energy transition in EBRD’s economies.

Kai Rintala, Managing Director of Taaleri Energia, acknowledges the EBRD’s role as a key investor in both Taaleri SolarWind II and Taaleri SolarWind III funds. Approximately half of these funds’ capital is allocated to the Baltic states, Poland, and south-eastern Europe, with the EBRD’s extensive presence and expertise in these markets being integral to the partnership’s success.


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